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❀ This blog is full of USUK, and RiSo (SoRiku) soon enough, since both are my main OTPs. You will see quite a bit of Hetalia: Axis Powers, Kingdom Hearts, and some fandoms that I like. There will be some NSFW, so please be warned.

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Translation of a Chinese fan’s deep, deep analyzation of this picture: 

1. Location: Tachibana’s room (home), it’s easy to see from things displayed in the background, the pillow is green, the tie is green, and the button up shirt and pants is neatly hanged

2. Time: Between 10 to 12 o’clock at night, the evidence are the children fast asleep in their arms, children under 12 feel sleepiness 2 hours after eating a meal, from the deep state of sleep the two kids seem to be in, it’s 3 or 4 hours after eating.  According to Japanese tradition to finish eating around 7:30, right now the time is about 10:30.

3. Situation: parents are not home, so the two are asked to take care of the kids, and after getting the kids to sleep, the two begin playing X-box in Tachibana’s room.  Evidence: they’re holding typical X-box controllers, looking at the controller in the center and the two buttons on the sides

4. The most important thing! They just finished showering! And they’re both wearing Tachibana’s clothes!!!!!! Evidence: Tachibana is wearing his own clothes, the sleeve falls just in the middle of his upper arm, but on Haru’s body the sleeve covers the whole upper arm and are making folds.  With someone like Haru who speaks of “tightness” (just look at how he picks his swim suits in episode 4!), there is no way he would buy such a loose, large shirt that doesn’t fit him.  This has to be Tachibana’s shirt!

5. Shower time: in the picture both of their hair are wet! Haru’s head has 3 droplets of water, and Machibana has 4 droplets of water. According to Japan’s summer average air moisture off 66%, with this assumption and that each person takes average of 10 minutes to shower, 3 drops and 4 drops of water means….! There is no time difference!!!! They showered together!!! If they didn’t shower together, the wetness of their hair should have significant difference!  For example if Haru showered first, his hair would be mostly dry, and Tachibana stilld dripping wet, and vice versa.  So, no question, they definitely showered together!!

6. Room decoration: Tachibana has a rectangular room with his bed on the right of the door, on the left is the TV with X-box, so there are no two beds in the room.  On the lower left corner there is a white square pillow, which probably belong to a leather sofa.   That means on the left of the X-box is Tachibana’s desk.  According to previous deductions, it’s already around 10, that means there is no way Haru is going home (and he already showered!)  Where would Haru sleep?  The sofa?  To accordance to Japanese hospitality, there is no way to let a guest sleep on the sofa.  Especially since they knew each other from youth. The guest room?  Not probable.  Tachibana has a 5 people family, parents and two little siblings.  A typical Japanese home, has master bedroom, children room, guest room, these three types.  Master bedroom is for the parents, children room for the siblings, and Tachibana took the guest room as his own.  This means…. Haru is sleeping in Tachibana’s room! There’s only one bed in Tachibana’s room!  Which means they’re sleeping together! The pillow is already ready!!! yoooooooooooo!!

I think it’s time to bring this beautiful post for another round… ppl seriously haven’t realized yet that Haru was wearing Makoto’s sleep shirt?! I think the real question is - is it Makoto’s favorite pajamas? And if it is, is it his favorite because Haru wore it, or did Haru wear it because it’s Makoto’s favorite? ^^

Okay, good night!

re Makoto's importance.. →


Some ppl really think Makoto is not important to the series?

If Makoto wasn’t on the show, it would have ended before it begun. No one would be pulling Haru out of the bath in ep 1 and he wouldn’t show up to school.

Maybe Rin motivates Haru to swim competitively, but Makoto makes him move. How…

Thank you.


Fail aurora borealis though. But I’m improving. Yeah.

For my friend, Ren.

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my take on the free duets


Look how happy he is hugging his Haru dolphin plushie (〃艸〃)~~~~~

precious makoto laughing ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Cuddling and hugs and I love yous



apparently the text here says something about makoto being like haru’s wife can someone please confirm this?!

source (from the creator’s message book)

EDIT: thank you happiness-hit-hard and tokyo-fujoshi for the confirmation!

"My favorites are the very pitiful Rei and the Haruka’s wife-ish Makoto. Rather, I like the Iwatobi High School Swim Club. These four are great~ They’re in the springtime of life~ Ah, I like Rin too of course."

Art & message by Kuroda Hiroko (In-between animator and in-between checker)